Wine Garden Aesthetic

By Billy Wilson, Winemaker, Greenvale Vineyards.

In recent conversations with friends in the industry, all of us at Greenvale have been encouraging everyone in the wine world to expand their outdoor seating and build out Wine Gardens.

Drinking wine at a vineyard on the grounds where the grapes were grown provides a connection to the land that can give oenophiles a deeper understanding of what it takes to fill a glass.

We decided to build our Wine Garden away from the main tasting room to keep with social distancing and provide more access to our outdoor seating and picnic areas on our grounds. We choose a blue stone base, reclaimed and finished wood for bar tops and table tops, and Edison style string lights as accent. You will notice music, but we have been able to hide most of the speakers as faux-rocks and stones… just like in Disney.

We hope you enjoy this space as much as we did building it.

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